Sifton Goes Paperless With Salesforce


Sifton is one of Canada’s premier home construction and development companies. From office, industrial to residential rental and townhomes as well as construction. Sifton remains one of the best property management firms with a commitment to growth and innovation that pushes them to new and exciting developments.

The Challenge

Sifton Properties was having trouble managing their cases efficiently, due to years of operation they had kept track of properties via a complex system of excel spreadsheets and various email folders.

The process that tracked potential clients and inquiries was tedious and complex, often resulting in a massive pile of emails which an agent would have to manually sort through. Sometimes people would be contacted multiple times as they might have used different emails, phone numbers, or because they showed interest in more than one property!

On top of that there was also a problem with access to this data. Property managers didn’t have a simple to use, all-access point to get the information they needed in order to help their tenants.

Our Solution

One of the key features of Salesforce are Leads, which allows users to create accounts of prospective clients or interested buyers. Sifton was able to now track their leads with custom status fields. Right from the get-go an agent was able to get the whole picture on one screen which not only improved their efficiency, but also allowed them to close those leads faster.

To help reduce management of properties such as the status of a property, Industrious was able to utilize Salesforce’s built-in automation to track each lease’s start and end dates. Case management was a key component as it would allow each case to be solved based on escalation rules and key factors. In addition, Industrious was able to utilize Salesforce email-to-case functionality so inbound emails about an issue would automatically create a case.

Automation was also used to calculate rental rates for properties so that they could be managed only once across the system which would then update all the accounts. In addition, automation rules also categorise accounts into current, past and future categories which helps reps sort through who has ownership of a space as well as who had ownership before them; All in one convenient location in the cloud!

Going Mobile

Our Implementation also allowed Sifton to track cases on the go via the Salesforce1 mobile app. This not only allowed them access to all their relevant data while away from their office, they could also update cases without internet all in one convenient application.

Not only did this help help Sifton close cases and close them quickly but it was also much more efficient. Cases were also integrated with custom customer surveys that allowed Sifton to track their customers satisfaction so that they can continue to provide excellent service to their tenants and partners.