Financial Services Firms Winning With Pardot Dynamic Content

One amazing feature of automated marketing tools like Pardot is the ability to change your marketing content based on the prospects profile; it’s called dynamic content. Dynamic content is great for targeting specific prospects and ensuring they get content curated just for them, which as you could imagine is a great tool for financial services!

Here are some great ways you can put dynamic content to work for you in your next campaign.

Location Targeting

As services like financial services, retail, etc. continue to grow online they’re bound to have clients spread across multiple cities, provinces or states and even countries. In the past marketers would just batch-and-blast the same message to all of them, but you can now go a step further and only inform a select few about offers and or information relevant to their location.

You will of course need their location, which can be asked for on a form or kept track of manually in a CRM. If you have their mailing address you’re in great shape as this allows you to really segment your content. Once you have your lists generated, simply set up your dynamic content variations to suit the locations you want to target and hit send!

You’re sending an email about a new mutual fund available at branches in two different countries, such as Canada and the USA. In Canada you’d have different regulations regarding what kind of information you have to provide to your potential clients than in the USA. With dynamic content you’d be able to insert different materials or links to your compliance documentation for those clients who live there as well as general compliance overview document or link for anyone located outside of your operating countries.

Multiple Languages

If your organization spans across multiple countries or locations with different languages. Crafting content and then systematically sending it out one at a time would be a laborious process, however you can use dynamic content to easily get around this!

You will have had to ask the prospect what their preferred language is from a picklist on a form. Then you would need to link the dynamic content variations to the language picklist on the form (ie: English to English, French to French). You will also need to setup a default message for when the prospect hasn’t chosen a language, generally it’s a safe bet to use English or your businesses primary communication language.

If you happen to be using Pardot, you’ll need to make another dynamic content element for the subject line of the email otherwise French prospects could receive an email with an English subject with French content inside!

You have two credit union branches in different provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec. In Ontario you’d use English copy to attract potential clients whereas French would be better suited in Quebec. That way when you announce new interest rates on select accounts the messages are easily readable in the locations main language.

Reengae Specific Cold Prospects

By this point you’ll probably have an engagement program setup for interacting with cold prospects. You should add dynamic content to those emails as well to ensure that you really relate to your prospects even though they’ve drifted “off the grid”.

Your selected content will vary for this section, but it should rely heavily on what information you have on your prospects. For example, say a client was interested in a particular financial product or service (via a form or conversation notes with an agent) you could curate a call to action mentioning their interest in that financial product or service. If you have any videos or PDF’s this is an excellent time to use them! Going a little bit further, you can add a second dynamic content section with additional information or a special promotional offer.

Unfortunately not everyone fills out their application or KYC forms in a timely manner. In fact some clients might just sign up and forget to fill in the rest of the blanks. With dynamic content you could re-engage these customers by reminding them after 5 days or so after sign up to sign in and complete their forms. Don’t forget to include some promotional material to remind them as well why they got interested in your services too!

Hopefully this helps you figure out dynamic content and how to leverage it in your email marketing campaigns. Any marketer will tell you it’s easier when consumers are more engaged with the brand when it’s able to relate to their needs; and with dynamic content you can deliver highly targeted material to your prospects effortlessly.