Salesforce Summer ’17 Release Updates

Summer is here and so comes the Summer ’17 release of Salesforce! This update brings in a whole bunch of new features and changes to core Salesforce experience. Here are a few we think you should take note of.


Editing records just got a little bit easier with keyboard shortcuts! Search, edit, save, and close a record are easily done without having to move the mouse! Here’s a list of the current available commands you can take advantage of:

New shortcuts in Lightning

You’ll need to use “Ctrl” key for Windows and “Cmd” key for Mac OS X. Remember, this new feature only applies to Lightning apps and UI only. For more information on this feature click here for the release notes.

Einstein Vision

It’s here! You can now get access to the powerful AI built into Salesforce, Einstein Vision! You’ll be able to create your custom image based classifications that can be used to help predict outcomes from your records.

For the non-nerds out there that means you can teach a computer how to identify products and or things based on images you feed it. You will of course need to sign-in and set-up your org for this amazing new feature.

Lightning Made Easier

One of the major headaches for users and admins alike has been converting over to the new Salesforce UI, Lightning Experience. That just got easier, now you’ll be able to use the Migration Assistant to switch users over. The Migration Assistance also now shows you what users can migrate over as well as those who already have!

However, before this release users could always click to switch back to Salesforce Classic in Lightning. This is no longer possible if you tick a small box on their profile named “Hide Option to Switch to Salesforce Classic”. This remains off by default when users are migrated over to Lightning.

There are some exceptions to this permission, namely some areas of Salesforce will still be in Classic UI and the full site link in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app. Be sure to read up on this particular release note if you plan on enabling it, more information can be found here.

Internet Explorer Remains Usable

Still use Internet Explorer 11? Well good news, you’ll still be able to use Salesforce with it in the future… or at least until 2020. As it turns out a lot of people still use this rather outdated browser to access Salesforce. Hopefully you’ll be able to migrate over to a more modern browser in the coming years, but in the meantime your bases are covered.

More information about this update and the other updates in this article can be found in the Salesforce Summer ‘17 Release Notes.