American Psychiatric Association (APA)


We were dealing with a very tight budget and TechnoMile was able to diagnose our business needs, add value and leverage our internal technical resources. The delivery was outstanding and we would definitely recommend them to anyone we know.

– Eric Fishman, Senoir Director, Information Technology American Psychiatric Association

TechnoMile Connects American Psychiatric Association’s District Branches And Members with’s Partner Community Portal

Founded in 1844, American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the world’s largest psychiatric organization that assembles psychiatric professionals to talk about solutions for substance abuse, mental abuse, and intellectual disabilities. With over 36,000 members from 72 district branches, the organization frequently found it difficult to keep track of member activity and information.

Before, the non-for-profit used a portal that would frequently time out. Information wasn’t displayed correctly and this made the process of retrieving data about district members incredibly difficult. This portal negatively affected district branches’ ability to communicate with their respective members.

In order to provide branches with access to member information within their district branch and simplify the communication process, the company identified a need to upgrade their CRM quickly. They required a system that would sync with their association management system and would allow them to use a Partner Community portal (PCP) as an interface so associated branches could connect with members more easily.


Since there is a PCP built within the Salesforce CRM, TechnoMile’s team of developers took advantage of Partner Portal, creating a strategic plan that would allow APA to capture detailed information, along with creating and coordinating activities through a series of well-executed CRM customizations.

After the company recognized the need to improve internal communication within their organization, APA decided to purchase to help all branches track and analyze member information.

While TechnoMile was dealing with a small budget they were able to leverage APA’s IT resources and add value to their organization.

TechnoMile used .Net and did a and Partner Community Portal integration with Personify, the company’s association management software so branches could view data securely.

As experts in cloud computing and Apex coding, TechnoMile used Visualforce pages, Appex triggers, and custom objects to create a sophisticated system that would integrate with Personifytheir existing back-end financial system- as well as feed that information into the Partner Community Portal where branches could view the information quickly and the company could control what information users could have access too.

To ensure a higher user adoption rate, TechnoMile created comprehensive customized training materials to APA’s team of developers and provided on-going administrative support.


  • Increase collaboration and communication between all members which enables everyone to be more productive and effective in their roles
  • Increase online visibility allows staff to organize information and process data effectively in one central system
  • Receive positive feedback from district branches