Bank on DC


Bank on DC aims to provide unbanked and underbanked individuals access to low-cost, safe financial accounts, products and services and high-quality financial education. In doing so, we help financial institutions reach new customers, community organizations build financial literacy, and help individuals save money on fees while securing savings for the future.

Bank on DC Partners with TechnoMile To Build A Dynamic Website That Will Secure Sponserships

Bank on DC is a government program that partners with financial institutions and non-profit organizations to provide financial services and products to unbanked or under-banked households. Financial illiteracy and poor access to banks are major problems in the Columbia district, affecting over 100,000 households.

By having a dynamic online presence, the company could encourage people to open bank accounts while educating the public about the state of their finances.Bank on DC wanted a website that didn’t tell customers what to do, but enabled them to connect with interactive banking tools that would help reduce expenses and improve overall cash flow.They needed a website that was still functional during the renovation process so it won’t affect visitors from registering for upcoming events, while providing an immersive and enjoyable user experience.

Although Bank on DC already had a website that connected customers with their products and services, the company had a hard time converting one-time visitors into re-occurring ones, resulting in a lack of user engagement. The static website also failed to attract much-needed attention from major sponsors.


Having worked with other accounts in the financial education industry (e.g. FELA), TechnoMile’s developers and web consultants knew that re-launching the Bank on DC for easier user navigation and functionality was only the beginning. By building the website on WordPress, an easy-to-use website hosting service, they were able to take advantage of plugins to further customize the website, exceeding their customer’s initial set of requirement.

To maximize user engagement, TechnoMile developed a Finance Calculator that gave visitors the opportunity to diagnose their current financial situation by calculating one’s salary, expenses, and the amount it takes to process a cheque. This simple formula gives visitors a rough estimate of their current financial situation free of charge. Cleverly positioned under the “Why I Should Get An Account” tab it’s a survey that increased Bank on DC’s credibility while providing a free money management tool for visitors.

TechnoMile also made other aspects of the website more interactive by integrating Bank on DC’s event calendar with Google Calendar, allowing information inputted on Google Calendar to show up on their company calendar and vice versa. This seamless integration makes it easy for potential attendees to copy event and seminar information onto their personal Google calendar and register at a click of a button.

Recognizing the power of social media, TechnoMile, also integrated Bank on DC’s social media platforms onto their website once it went live. This allowed for further user engagement outside of their main web property. To help maintain the website, TechnoMile provided Bank on DC with on-going administrative and technical support through a series of weekly webinars.


  • Secured more sponsorship from various non-profit, financial, and employee partner
  • Experience increase in volume of visitors to website
  • Easier to convert leads to customers and receive outstanding customer feedback
  • Partner up with online education platforms like money management tool, Hello Wallet, and FELA to launch Innovative Financial Education Initiative on January 31st 2012
  • Partner with EverFi, Inc to provide innovative financial literacy tech platform for District residents May 30th 2012