Burger Maker


Integrating Salesforce.com into our sales process has allowed Burger Maker’s Reginal Managers to be better prepared to close new business deals, as well as, increase engagement with our exisiting customers. As first time users, our launch has been virtually seamless with the support of TechnoMile and we look forward to growing our business on the cloud.

– Denise Titus, EVP Burger Maker

TechnoMile Helps Burger Maker Improves Communication Channels Using Partner Portal

Burger Maker, Inc is a food production company that offers a wide range of gourmet hamburger products made of high quality raw beef. Since 1978 this family-owned operation in New York has rapidly expanded all across the U.S. and now have operations in regions such as the Midwest, Upstate New York, and the Tristate Area.

However, their regional managers were experiencing major communication difficulties with independent distributors and could not track and manage sample orders effectively.

Although they had a custom-built web portal to communicate with vendors, the system had limited visibility into sample sales and opportunities. Its poor reporting abilities complicated the sales process and stalled productivity.

In order to build a steady pipeline of opportunities for future revenue growth and increase communication with their distributors, the company identified a need to upgrade their CRM database quickly. The company required a system that would improve collaboration and communication with their distributors, be able to accurately track delivery and order processes, and streamline the sample order process.


Since there is a PRM built within the Salesforce CRM, TechnoMile’s team of business consultants-along with a Salesforce developer-took advantage of Partner Portal, creating a strategic plan that would allow Burger Maker to gain more insight into the sales process and potentially increase their ROI through a series of well-executed CRM customizations.

As first time Salesforce.com users, the company was apprehensive about using cloud-based technology, but they knew this fully functional and secure portal had the capabilities to do what they needed. The system would help their sales and distribution channels effectively.

To refine the sales and distribution procedure TechnoMile targeted two key problem areas in their work flow process:

Simplifying Order Sysytem

Before Burger Maker’s regional managers would take orders from distributors over the phone and through e-mail and track that data on a spreadsheet tool as a supplement to their portal system which did not provide good visibility and reporting or customization

With Partner Portal, TechnoMile modified the system so regional managers would be able to access account details and receive email notifications when broke representatives put in sample orders, enabling them to easily reply back, as well as approve or disapprove orders.

Tracking Delivery Process

Keeping track of deliveries was also difficult because the company used many different shipping methods for their sample products. At times Burger Maker would ship the sample order directly to a distributor and at other times distributors who were close enough to the warehouse would pick up the sample order and deliver it to the client.

By outlining a more detailed workflow on Partner Portal, regional managers and distributors were able to continue using multiple shipping methods without any miscommunication. Notifications would be sent to both parties, allowing them to view when sample orders were set for delivery and when an order had been completed.

TechnoMile also customized Partner Portal to display Burger Maker products, made it easy to search for products and added a shopping cart functionality for incoming orders.

Since sample orders were being taken on a daily basis, TechnoMile made sure Burger Maker’s personnel was equipped to run daily reports within the system to keep track of shipments. Comprehensive online training courses were provided for the Burger Maker team and their partner distributors, allowing them to leverage this new technology and improve their communication channel tremendously.


  • Increase collaboration and communication between regional managers and distributors which enables them to more productive and effective in their role
  • Enhanced reporting allows them to improve on-time delivery and track order processes effectively
  • Receive positive feedback from Burger Maker’s sales, marketing, and distribution team
  • Able to convert more sample orders into actual orders, thus increasing their ROI exponentially